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Co-Creating My Dream Office with God

At the beginning of the year I set out to dig deep inside myself and learn how to dream. In fact, my Facebook status read this: Spent most of my afternoon breaking down my goals into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. It was like lighting when it hit me that I was co-creating my year with God. I have goals I have written down on my paper, but it's up to me to go after them. He whispered them in my ear and planted them in my heart. But it's…

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4 Tax Organization Essentials

Having a system to keep all your receipts organized is essential for saving you time when it’s time to file. It is important to create a system that suits your style and space available. Some people prefer binders to files, for example, and that may be an option for you. Here are 4 tax organization tools that you could add to your tax prep and make your tax filing go smoother. 

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