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How to Organize Your Pantry For the Holidays and Beyond.

I don’t know what it is about this year. But, as the days go by, I look forward to the holidays more and more. It must be because I am craving my families hugs and the laughter ringing around the house. I remember as a child we would all gather around the table to spread the corn husk with masa and other fillings to make tamales. But, It’s amazing how you remember those special moments with your family, isn’t it?! I love that as an adult I can recreate some…

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5 Things to Remember to Keep an Organized Home

  Have you ever wondered why the clutter keeps coming back? After all the hard work of getting organized the next hard part is staying organized. We all want our homes to run efficiently and to remain our sanctuaries. It is impossible to run a household that is overwhelmed with clutter. Well, I am about to make your life a lot easier! Today, I am giving you 5 things to remember to keep an organized home! Too Much Stuff How many times have you thought to yourself, ugh! I need…

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How to Get Your Partner on Board with Getting Organized

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my new office transformation. Helping people get organized and achieve the dream for their home is my joy and passion. I am glad that it was helpful, to read about the process I went through, for my own office. Today I'm sharing a few tips on what to do when you feel like your partner might be on the opposite side of achieving those goals. As a Professional Organizer one of the questions that I get asked is - How do I…

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