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Easy and clutter free gifts for mom

It’s every woman’s desire to have a clutter-free, peaceful sanctuary. All we want is for the walls to be filled with joy and love for those we love. 

When asked “What do you want for mother’s day?” I’m pretty sure we can all answer with a resounding “nothing-I just want to be with you” 🙂

I don’t know one mom out there that doesn’t work tirelessly to get things accomplished within the walls of their home and beyond, to support their partner and children. If you’re anything like me, I find myself saying things like “Why can’t things be easier?” I like simple things. I strive for S.I.M.P.L.E

With technology, busy schedules and the endless amount of things we can buy. I wanted to make a list of things I’ve encountered that either simplify or add JOY to moms’ lives.   

Here are my top 9 clutter-free gift ideas for your mom. 

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