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Face Your Decluttering Fears!

Public speaking makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry! Can you relate? I know I’m not the only one here.

Public speaking is ranked one if the highest fears… even scarier than dying.

This post is not about public speaking but let me explain how it relates to the fears we encounter when Decluttering.

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Why De-cluttering Is So Important!

Have you ever felt like you keep spinning your wheels and can’t catch up?

Like the more you try to grab traction, you just can’t?

Or have there been times in your life where you have felt heavy and unclear about your direction?

We all have!

I can remember a few times in my life where these feelings have been the strongest.

Every single time the thing that has helped me get back on track has been to de-clutter and simplify my life.

To “subtract” from my space, my life, and schedule what doesn’t make sense in it.

Alejandra Costello, Organizing guru says: “It’s like trying to build a puzzle that requires only 250 pieces but you have 500 pieces in your hands.”

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Managing Daily Messes: My Strategy for Tidying Up in Less Time

We lead busy lives and things are not put back into their “homes” as often as we hope they do.

So, here’s a trick I use that helps me tidy up quickly and set things back to zero.

By using this trick I am able to manage my home like a “boss” and feel in control.

I find that this strategy works for me because everything has a “home.”

However, this is also a helpful strategy to discover what items are lingering in hallways because they don’t have a “home.”

All you need is a laundry basket and your cell phone’s timer.

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5 Tips to Clear the Clutter

The four walls of your home are filled with daily activity and love, you are a passionate individual with goals trying to balance your career and a family. Your house may not look like a page from Better Home & Gardens magazine, but it should be a place you look forward to coming home to.  Having less stuff means less time cleaning and more time doing the stuff you love.

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