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Sensational Organizing provides simple beautiful organizing in homes within a 45-mile radius of the San Dimas/Inland Empire Area. We work in all areas of the home decluttering, organizing, and streamlining people spaces. Whether our clients are in the season of growing their families, needing to focus on their successful careers, or running a business, we support our clients to make their spaces systemized to support their needs. 


Calm + Positive

Sensational Organizing is all about bringing positive energy into our clients’ homes. Our clients are already overwhelmed by their spaces. We are looking for team members that can work under pressure and stay positive and upbeat. We’re looking for team members that like to sprinkle beauty in every footstep and can be calm and collected even when things look messy on the outside.


Energetic + Friendly

Every home we work in brings a new opportunity for creativity and solutions that match our client’s unique needs and aesthetics. No home or families needs are ever the same. We can teach you the SOS method if you are energetic, friendly, and solution-driven.



For most of our clients, this is a new experience. They are often overwhelmed, and frustrated and often have feelings of shame. Our team members must always remain respectful of each client’s situation and struggles. We are 100% judgment free. Our clients need someone they can trust to take care of them and feel safe. Our job is to make the process enjoyable and handle each task confidently. 


The following applies for Organizer positions. See individual job descriptions for detailed information on positions.

  • Work in clients’ homes- must be able to commute within Orange County, LA, Inland Empire, and San Gabriel valleys.
  • Flexible schedule allowing anywhere from 6-32 hours depending on part/full-time placement; part-time employees must be able to commit to one full day a week. Willingness to learn the Sensational Organizing way and maintain our brand. Must work well in a team environment, and know how to follow and take direction. Part/Full-Time Organizers are W-2 employees.
  • Able to work 8-12 hour days when necessary for larger projects.


"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."
– Ryunosuke Satoro