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Easy Clutter-Free Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Easy Clutter-Free Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s every woman’s desire to have a clutter-free, peaceful sanctuary. All we want is for the walls to be filled with joy and love for those we love.

When asked “What do you want for mother’s day?” I’m pretty sure we can all answer with a resounding “nothing-I just want to be with you” 🙂

I don’t know one mom out there that doesn’t work tirelessly to get things accomplished within the walls of their home and beyond, to support their partner and children. If you’re anything like me, I find myself saying things like “Why can’t things be easier?”  I strive for keeping things S.I.M.P.L.E

With technology, busy schedules, and the endless amount of things we can buy at the store. I wanted to make a list of things I’ve encountered, in clients’ homes, that simplify and add JOY to their lives.   

Here are my top clutter-free gift ideas for your mom. 

Long Distance Friendship Lamp


First on my list has to be a long-distance friendship lamp. There are a few different models out there. A very dear client of mine had this in her home and when she touched the lamp I could tell she felt connected to her sister and mom made an impact in my life. The connection she felt was palpable.

Here’s how it works:

I miss my mom in Santa Barbara so much. She feels so far away, sometimes. Especially during COVID-19 when we weren’t able to see our loved ones. I love this concept! It’s definitely an item that adds joy to mom’s life. 

“Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but when it’s meant to be, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep that special someone close, no matter the distance. When you can’t be together in person, sending a touch of light is a special way to show your partner/family how much you love and miss them.”




This gift takes a little planning. Do you know that when I organize people’s homes the one thing I see people worry about the most is their photos?! Those precious memories either stored on VHS tapes (they can’t play anymore), old cassettes, or photos on their phone taking up space and potentially getting damaged in extreme conditions in the garage. Having photos digitized, VHS’ finally transferred to USB drive, or photos organized in one place can give mom peace of mind and hours of enjoyment.

I once helped a beautiful mom digitize all of her son’s photos and create a digital frame with his favorite song playing in the background. It was beautiful and she couldn’t contain her tears. Getting the process started can be life-changing!

Caraway Cookware


Cookware that is scratched should be replaced ASAP.  Your health is important! It’s a top priority! Scratched cookware is common in clients’ homes. I’ve noticed cookware condition become a blind spot for many families and doesn’t get replaced as often as needed, because we’re simply busy. Good quality cookware will help ensure they stay usable for many years. These Caraway Cooking pans are beautiful, they’re ceramic coated and come with their own organizers to make them easy to access in your cabinets. If you’ve noticed mom’s pans needing replacing, these are a great option.

Packing cubes


Packing cubes keep your clothes grouped at all times. The benefits of that are: You could match wardrobe pieces together and they won’t get lost in your luggage, You’ll be ready for the actual fun in a snap, your clean clothes won’t get mixed with your dirty clothes, and best of all when you get home it will be even easier to unpack your luggage. No sorting needed. Perfect gift for the mom that is always traveling. 

Spice Jar Sets


Having symmetrical containers is similar to streamlined hangers in your closet – It makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and it allows you to maximize space. Want to add a little style? Then these neat method spice jars with labels might just be a match made in heaven for mom. 

Purse Organizer


“What’s in your bag” is a fun challenge to participate in at parties but not when you’re in a rush and you can’t find your keys, especial if it’s at night. A purse organizer is a perfect way to give your purse structure, a defined home for everything mom needs to keep in there, plus it makes it easier when she needs to swap between purses. 

The average woman spends 76 days of her life searching through her purse. That’s a lot of time! A purse organizer can make a world of difference. 

Gift certificate


 Moms everywhere deserve an organized space. Getting organized simplifies life and reduces stress. Did you know Sensational Organizing sells gift certificates? Book us for a few hours to organize a space for the amazing women in your life.

Laundry Cart


Laundry spaces do a lot of heavy lifting for us. Bless the lord for laundry piles because it means we are clothed! It’s one of the spaces that benefit the most from proper systems, keeping things within reach and easily accessible at all times. The cabinets/shelves are often too high for daily accessibility of detergent and other essentials cleaners causing these items to be a clutter magnet on top of the washing machine. When there is space between the washer and dryer, this lovely rolling cart is a lifesaver. Having a place for everything in this high-traffic area will keep your laundry clutter-free.

KASA + Amazon Echo      


The day we purchased this combo it was intended as a gift for my husband for fathers day. He was wary about it being placed in the bedroom so instead, we installed it on our kitchen counter.

  • It has made grocery shopping a breeze! While I am cleaning out the fridge I simply say “Alexa, add xxx to my shopping list”. When I get to the store I simply pull up my list on the App and check things off as I get them. My family adds things they need to the list as well. It’s been amazing!
  • I can check in on the kids when I am out on a job. It’s been great for checking up on our dog Bear, too. I’m sure all mothers out there feel me when I say it’s such a relief to be able to see them and talk to them through the KASA speaker.
  • My favorite feature is that Amazon Echo acts as a phone for my son who is 10 years old. He can call me at any time through the Echo.

It’s the one piece of technology that has been nice to me. 😉


I put a lot of thought into this list. I hope you were able to find something that will add value to you and your mom.

What about you? Do you have any clutter-free suggestions that have simplified your life?

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! 


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