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How to Organize Your Holidays so That You Don’t Miss Out on the Magic

The Calm before the Holiday Storm

As we fall back into our school routines the time quickly begins to pass us by.

Before we know it tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and we are running around trying to get last minute stocking stuffers and the perfect gift for that family member on your husband’s side you are still trying to impress!

It doesn’t have to be so hectic if we prepare enough in advance, right?!

So, I decided to create a simple and foolproof Holiday Preparation List, and you better believe I’m checkin’ it twice!

I know I know, it’s only the beginning of September, and no one wants to think about the Holiday season, but by starting now, you will be able to cherish and live in the magical moments of Christmas with your children.

Your Holiday To-do List:


  1. Create your list of who will receive a gift. Not every person you come in contact with needs a gift! If you feel so inclined to give out gifts to a ton of people consider making a “Holiday Cookie Gift List,” people on this list receive a baggie of homemade holiday cookies from you instead of a “gift.”
  2. Set a budget! A total Christmas budget (including gifts to your kids & spouse) and how much you will spend on each person. Don’t forget to include any charitable donations you make during this time, work-place gifts, and secret Santa gifts.
  3. If you haven’t already, find your Santa Hiding spot! I’ve decided mine will be in a top shelf in my office closet. 😉


  1. Start shopping! Now is the perfect time to get toys, stocking stuffers (minus any candy), and gift cards. Usually, prices tend to creep up closer towards Christmas so save a little now! Also, everyone is so distracted with Halloween that you won’t be that parent fighting over the last specialty toy come December.
  2. Start looking for your Holiday card inspiration and outfits, also find a photographer if you are going the professional route.
  3. Start browsing Pinterest for those delicious Holiday cookies you will be making with your kids!


  1. Take your Holiday Card photo. I’m talking printed, in an envelope with a stamp ready to go out on December 1st!
  2. Finish your major Holiday shopping!
  3. Check your stock and purchase any gift wrapping paper, tape, gifts bags and boxes, and scissors because you know you will lose them at least three times during the wrapping process! J/K Don’t buy extra just search harder. lol


  1. If your kids are in school, this is your last chance to wrap gifts in peace! Finish it while they are in school and put those bad boys in the Santa Hiding Spot.
  2. Don’t forget the candy!
  3. Turn on the Holiday tunes and decorate with your hubby and kiddos!

Well, that’s it, mama! You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the Holiday season with your family because your work here is done. Bake the cookies, look at the lights, and read them an extra bedtime story because they are only little once.

Now, who is going to clean up?!

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