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Organizing Services


Do you get angst every time you pass by a room? Detoxify your space from the clutter that’s holding you back! Breath fresh air into your space with hands-on support. A sounding board and cheerleader for subtracting from your life what no longer serves you.

  1. We will sort through the clutter and make decisions about the items in your home that have accumulated over time.
  2. We’ll work on refreshing your space to make it more visually appealing and work strategically to put items where they simplify your daily life.
  3. Removal of your Donatable goods is included – Get back to enjoying your new refreshed space sooner.

Organize your space to create the sanctuary you crave. Create function and beauty in your space. Experience the joy of having a place for everything and everything in its place. Organizing services offered for one space or your whole home.

  1. We will sort through clutter and make decisions about the items in your home that have accumulated over time.
  2. We’ll work on refreshing your space to make it more visually appealing and work strategically to put items where they simplify your daily life.
  3. We’ll troubleshoot and find organizing storage solutions adequate for your space and your home’s aesthetics.
  4. All Inclusive VIP packages available including shopping for you and removal of donations.
  5. Customized solutions with your priorities in mind.

We’ll walk you through your space and work side-by-side through virtual sessions to simplify and create customized organizing solutions with your priorities in mind.

This is perfect for those that work well independently but don’t know where to begin. Includes:

  1. Consultation.
  2. Customized organizing solutions.
  3. Research and guidance to further support you during sessions.
  4. Unlimited e-mail correspondence.

Ease the stress that comes with moving. 

  1. Downsize for a new seaon in your life. Decluttering assistance before your move.
  2. Partnership with MaxSold to help you liquidate your belongings.
  3. Unpacking of your contents so that you can be organized from day one.

Do you have a room that is not flowing properly? Create a better flow in your space for better productivity and organization.

  1. Get help reconfiguring your current furniture layout with a customized floor plan. So that you can increase your productivity.
  2. Assessment of your space and measuring included.
  3. Organizing of contents available upon drafting and execution of floor plan.

As your life changes your home will need tweaking and adjusting to grow along with you. If you’ve had your home organized by Elva, schedule a refresh maintenance session to support you in your journey toward a more organized life.

Go into deeper forms of organization with services such as:

  • Spring Cleaning Detox Days
  • Emergency Preparedness Setup
  • Seasonal Wardrobe Closet Refresh
  • Back to School prep for your kids
  • Go paperless
  • Command Center and Paper Management Systems
  • Organize for your bookkeeper and taxes
  • and more…..

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the process


Contact Me

Call 909-372-0527 or click here to schedule a free consultation to chat about your project and organizing needs. 

In-Home Discovery Session

 Book an in-home discovery session to fully assess the scope of your project, and take measurement. We will formulate a plan to help you reach your desired outcome and schedule the necessary visits.

Let the transformation begin

We will follow the proven SO method to help you remove the excess, simplify life and uncover your beautiful space.

Professional closet Organizer



Imagine a space that supports and propels you toward your goals and dreams! A space that’s uncluttered, and inviting. How would your life be improved with a place for everything and everything in its place?! You will find yourself having less stress, feeling happier and it will be easier to clean and return everything to its designated “home” at the end of the day. But, most importantly you will feel a sense of control for your environment and your life.

Call us today to get started with any of our organizing services.

Absolutely not! Getting organized is about being able to find and use the things you love and use at your fingertips in order to simplify your life. My goal is to help you reach your goals. Whether that is minimizing your possessions to simplify your life or organizing everything you own. The first step to any organizing project is to sort like with like. By putting all your like-items together it provides an excellent opportunity to reduce the number of items we own by removing duplicates, stained or worn items, un-used or un-loved possessions as well.

The time it takes to complete an organizing project depends on many factors, including but not limited to:

  • The number of people working on the project at hand.
  • The client’s ability to make productive decisions regarding items being purged.
  • Household or digital distractions.
  • Not completing action items in-between sessions.
  • The amount of clutter in areas not visible during consultation.
  • The client’s vision for the space.

I can work hands-on side-by-side with you to transfer my organizing skills to you and so that you can maintain your space. If, however, your schedule does not allow you to take time off or you simply feel overwhelmed by clutter. I’m here to make the process easy for you. For those that want little to do with the process, be sure to ask for the Full Organizing “Do-it-for-me service” and work with our trained compassionate team.

*After items have been sorted through, your involvement will be necessary during the purging process, as only you know what items you no longer use and love.

Absolutely! All client information and proprietary information is confidential and of utmost importance for me. I will only use before and after photos, with your prior written consent.

Call me (909-372-0527) to chat about your project or simply contact me here and tell me what needs to be addressed, what rooms/areas you’d like organized, and any other information pertinent to your project. We will get started with an In-home Discovery session.

*A Discovery Session Fee will apply.