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Let us Simplify Your Life

You deserve an organized home and peace of mind. 

No more feeling guilty about your home and the “stuff” scattered everywhere.

More, “I love my home and everything in it.”

We offer done-for-you services.
Let us take care of all the details.

Our Process is SIMPLE

We do more than just take tidy. We implement the SIMPLE method to strategically and efficiently organize, and create personalized systems to make your home the sanctuary you always wanted.

Sort like with like
Identify items you value and only keep the things you love, need, and use
Map out the space to maximize your home’s storage
Properly contain items using functional and stylish bins
Label to maintain your systems
Easily return items to its home with a place for everything and everything in its place

What spaces can we help you transform?

Everything but the kitchen sink? No, we do that too.

  • Bedrooms Sleep soundly in your organized oasis
  • Closets Effortlessly create outfits that inspire you with a proper system in place 
  • Playrooms Stop toys from invading your home and give your kids the confidence to put them away with a simple system they can maintain.
  • Pantries Save time and money with an organized pantry. Know exactly what you have and how much you have at a glance.  
  • Kitchens — Establish your kitchen’s and cook efficiently and enjoy the process 
  • Living rooms Breathe life back into your living room with a home for everything and truly sit back and relax after a long day at work 
  • Garage Make it easy to access your holiday decor, camping gear, and tools.
  • Dining Rooms Reclaim your dining room once and for all from all the excess clutter and spend more time savoring your meals with your family and guests
  • Craft/ Hobby rooms Inspired? Have all your tools ready to go and jump right into creating 
  • Cars Your car is more than just a vehicle. Keep this unique space organized so you can have everything you need to achieve your goals and support your family. 
  • Offices – Feel like the CEO of your home or small business with a system and office setup to help you be productive and thrive.

Our Home Organization Exclusive Packages means more TIME AND FREEDOM for you. They include:

  • Expert done-for-you shopping and returns 
  • Secure and immediate document destruction drop-off
  • Proper disposal of Rx and e-waste removal
  • Consignment drop off and managing items for sale
  • Collaborating with an expert personal stylist to confidently edit and elevate your wardrobe

Click the button below to get pricing and get started with your custom package.  For other general inquiries, contact us here.

Whether you need one space or a whole home transformation. We have a  plan that will meet your needs.

Virtual Organizing

The plan for the DO-IT-YOURSELFER

Are you…

  • tired of organizing multiple times with no results? 
  • Overwhelmed with product options and Pinterest inspiration boards but not sure what would fit your space? 
  • Or have all the time of the world but just don’t know where to start?

We know the struggle all too well. 

If you’re a self-starter and a great implementer, if you had the right the plan, our Virtual Organizing Services may be the perfect fit for you. If you are ready to have the right plan for your unique space and to add functionality to your space, ask about Virtual Organizing.

That’s Me

What's included?

  • 30-minute initial call to get to know you and your concerns
  • 1-hour virtual session to review your space and get started.
  •  email access for any questions that pop up along the way 
  • Customized step-by-step organizing DIY plan to guide you through the entire process including sorting labels
  • Ideas for the placement of products and/or furniture.
  • Product suggestions with direct links

*Add additional virtual sessions for on the spot guidance and coaching. If all you needed was the tips, we’d all be completely organized from all the organizing books on our bookshelf. The power of accountability and support is priceless and available. 

Your space is valuable. Take it back.


For both calls, we use Zoom video to take a look at your space and learn about your concerns and goals. But, for initial calls, if you are uncomfortable on camera, we can move to a phone call a d discuss your space through photos.

Yes, we do! As much as we love a clean and organized space, we also care about your health and safety. We take the utmost precaution during our organizing process to ensure you and your family’s safety while helping you transform your space.

Our professional organizing team wears masks, gloves, and booties to maintain the cleanliness of your home. 

We disinfect surface areas we are working on as we go.

We also disinfect all our equipment at the end of every day to ensure that all clients have peace of mind. 

Your use of masks is optional, while we work in your home. We take your temperature upon arrival and request that you notify us if you experience any symptoms listed under the CDC guidelines. Lastly, Sensational Organizing provides disposable face masks and hand sanitizer for your use if needed.