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You have lived in your home for a while now. You have settled with where your furniture is just because it fits.
You push things against the wall to make the most of your space.
But you don’t LOVE it. Maybe you want to remodel your space, but don’t know where to start.

At Sensational Organizing, we believe
your space should be perfect for YOU

Your needs.
Your lifestyle.
Your aesthetic.
Our customized space plans & designs are created to refresh your space to work for you and bring joy to your life.

Space Plan & Design that works for you.

Whether it is a home remodel or a space refresh, sensational organizing can help you reinvent your space.

  • Remodeling your home? We meet with your contractor to help design the space that will take into account your lifestyle and space needs so you can maximize your remodeling budget.
  • Redesigning your space? We use your current furniture pieces and recommend new ones to create a floor layout for you to maximize the efficiency, flow, and productivity of your space.
  • Dreaming of a custom closet? Let’s make your dream a reality with a closet designed to fit your unique wardrobe pieces.
Professional closet Organizer

What spaces do we love to plan & design?




Living Rooms









Design a Space to Fit Your Unique Lifestyle Today!

How It Works

  1. Get started by filling out the consultation form and schedule a free 20-minute consultation call.
  2. We will talk about your needs, lifestyle, and goals of your space to create better flow and increase productivity in your home.
  3. We set a date and take measurements of the space you wish to redesign and identify which furniture pieces you love and use.
  4. We then create a customized floor plan as a guide to refresh your space.
  5. You enjoy your newly designed space that combines form and function to create a space you love.

Custom Space Plans Include:

  • Detailed measurements of your space and furniture
  • Customized floor layout
  • List of curated furniture pieces that fit your lifestyle and needs
  • Recommendations to increase space efficiency

*As an all-in-one organization service, we provide professional organizing so you can truly start fresh in your new space.

Reinvent your space with YOUR needs in mind.