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I cannot say enough great things about Elva! I reached out to Elva after seeking out quotes for home organizational services and she was very competitively priced. Once meeting her I knew I could trust her to help us get our home organized. I originally hired her to just assist with organizing my master bedroom and at the end of the day as we were wrapping up that project I hired her to do our entire house. Elva is professional, respectful and above all trustworthy.

Elva has completely changed the way we live our lives! Our lives are so much easier and relaxed. That's because we are completely organized! Every room, every closet, every drawer, the garage, photos, the garden shed - you name it! She showed us how to save room and let go of items we didn't need and at the same time letting others benefit from our "left overs". ​I would recommend Elva to anyone. She is fast, smart, honest, and hardworking. Let her change your life too!

I first hired Elva in 2015 after a divorce.  She helped organize my large home office with two decades of piles.  She not only help sort and clean, she helped with a system to keep the office clean.  Invaluable!

A few months later, my daughter passed away.  I was put in a position where I needed help to go through her stuff, and get my house ready to sell.  Elva was so sensitive, kind, and helpful in guiding me through this process.  She worked incredibly hard at not only organising and sorting, but arranging charity pick-ups of stuff, etc.  She had great ideas of how to keep memories of my daughter, while not holding on to more stuff than was necessary.

After 3 years, I look back and remember that Elva was one of the people who made a huge difference in my life at a time when I really needed help.  I could not have made it without her.  Thank you so much!!

I highly recommend Elva to anyone who is in need of a caring, compassionate, had working and passionate organizer! My space is now organized and functional. I have peace of mind when walking in my home and Elva gave me skills and tools to assist me with keeping myself and my family organized. She truly is the best!

Elva was wonderful! She helped me with my home office after it had become a chaos filled with papers. I was so pleased that I had her come back to help me with my garage, mas​ter bedroom closet, and portions of my kitchen. Before having Elva's help I was so busy with my business, my church, and traveling that my home had become very chaotic. After her help I felt very relieved and peaceful. Happiness came back to my life! Thank you Elva for your help!

I have know Elva for over 25 years. I have witnessed Elva become the pillar of her family and nurture her own two children. I am a retired CEO of a multi-national company, a father fo 4, a grandfather of six. dome of Elva's strengths are extreme loyalty, honesty, dedication, old fashioned work ethic and dependable. She is a delight and an asset to anyone who may choose to hire her.

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