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Congratulations! You are moving into a new space and starting a new chapter in your life.

Your entire life from your previous space is packed up and ready to head to your new one. But you have so much to do. Along with your boxes, you carry a laundry list of duties to tend to from your family to your career.

There is not enough time to do everything. And you don’t have to.

Ease the stress that comes with moving.

At Sensational Organizing, we make unpacking a breeze and dare we say – enjoyable.
We do all the heavy lifting, so you can sit back and enjoy your new home.

Our unpacking process is SIMPLE.

We do more than just take your items out of boxes. We implement the SIMPLE method to unpack, organize, and create personalized systems to make your home the sanctuary you always wanted.

Sort like with like
Identify items you value and only keep the things you love, need, and use
Map out the space to maximize your home’s storage
Properly contain items using functional and stylish bins
Label to maintain your systems
Easily return items to its home with a place for everything and everything in its place

Unpacking has never been easier.

  1. Get started by filling out the consultation form and schedule a free 20-minute consultation call to talk about your unpacking needs.
  2. We set a date and the sensational organizing team will unpack, organize, and give life to your new space.
  3. You relax and enjoy your newly organized home for years to come without the unpacking stress.


Sensational Organizing provides downsizing, unpacking, and online estate sales services, to support your clients through their transition. Our professional organizing services are designed to help our clients simplify their lives as they transition to a new chapter of their life.


Get your customized starter package by filling out the consultation form. For additional pricing and general inquiries, contact us here.

Unpacking services include:

  • Expert done-for-you shopping and returns
  • Secure and immediate document destruction
  • Proper disposal of Rx and e-waste removal
  • Consignment drop off and managing items for sale
  • Full-service organization

Prevent yesterday’s clutter from coming into
a new chapter of your life.