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The plan for the DO-IT-YOURSELFER

Are you…

  • tired of organizing multiple times with no results? 
  • Overwhelmed with product options and Pinterest inspiration boards but not sure what would fit your space? 
  • Or have all the time of the world but just don’t know where to start?

We know the struggle all too well. 

If you’re a self-starter and a great implementer, if you had the right the plan, our Virtual Organizing Services may be the perfect fit for you. If you are ready to have the right plan for your unique space and to add functionality to your space, ask about Virtual Organizing.

That’s Me

What's included?

  • 30-minute initial call to get to know you and your concerns
  • 1-hour virtual session to review your space and get started.
  •  email access for any questions that pop up along the way 
  • Customized step-by-step organizing DIY plan to guide you through the entire process including sorting labels
  • Ideas for the placement of products and/or furniture.
  • Product suggestions with direct links

*Add additional virtual sessions for on-the-spot guidance and coaching. If all we ever needed were the tips, we’d all be completely organized just from all the organizing books on our bookshelf. The power of accountability and support is priceless and available. 

Your space is valuable. Take it back.


Virtual Sessions are conducted via Zoom. A steady hand is important if using your mobile device to show us around. A tripod or a laptop device is recommended for Virtual Organizing Sessions.

Virtual Organizing is a one-on-one session with a professional organizer that is done via Zoom or other video conference systems. Virtual Organizing with Sensational Organizing is the perfect combination of Do-it-yourself and Coaching designed to guide you to your desired goal faster, easier, and with certainty in every step you take. It helps overcome the basic challenges that you may experience when you try to organize on your own.

Things like: paralysis, not knowing where to start, overwhelm over product options, feeling like you go around in circles and can’t make a dent, and of course, working through the emotional & difficult decisions.

The benefits of Virtual Organizing are: Privacy of your space and belongings, increased personal awareness, personal satisfaction, stress relief,  You do it yourself but not completely on your own, you feel support, and encouragement by a friendly compassionate organizer and so much more.